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Welcome to CFL Financial Planning

Everything we do at CFL is designed to challenge the traditional with an efficient, professional and most of all simple and easy approach to financial planning, that will leave you with a better financial planning solution.

It’s common to put off making investment and financial planning decisions. But you need to take control.

CFL Financial Planning can provide you with the best weapon for taking control – choice!

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I want to know how much I need to retire in style

CFL Financial for your retirement

FACT – Almost one-fifth – or 18.5 per cent – of the Australian population have ‘no idea’ how much money they would need to fund their retirement…?

Kind of scary if you are closer to retirement than you are to just starting out.

If this sounds like you…

I want to learn how to save money.

CFL Financial for you

Money does not come with an instruction manual…! The issues you face when trying to make it, grow it and preserve it and incredibly complex and multifaceted.

An hour with a professional financial planner could be the very best investment in your financial future that you could possibly make.

If this sounds like you…

I want to know how to pay less tax.

CFL Financial for your business

What are you doing NOW to make sure you get more money into your super and pay less TAX in 2016?

If your answer was nothing – we need to talk!

Financial Planning is all about money!

It’s about making it, growing it, leveraging it, protecting it, enjoying it and preserving it.
As you can see, we offer a comprehensive service package. We look at your current situation across all six areas.
Of the many different strategies available, we identify those that are right for you, and that you’re comfortable with, and we implement those.

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  • benefits for you

    cfl benefits

    CFL advisers are qualified to give Financial Planning, Investment and Insurance advice to a wide range of individuals and companies. As CFP Members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), Steve & Craig, are updated on industry and legal issues and are required to undertake continual accreditation, professional development and training. They are also committed to meeting the strict professional standards of conduct as defined in the FPA Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

    True success in anything comes from surrounding yourselves with experts. As well as your Financial Planner, you will also have access to a designated Client Services Manager who understands your situation and can provide assistance in your adviser's absence, as well as an administration team who assists with all administrative queries and changes along the way.

    CFL Financial Planning possess the necessary experienced team and technology to provide you with a professional presentation, back up service, and ongoing review of all your financial planning needs.

    cfl benefits
    cfl benefits

    We utilise a variety of Market, and Industry Leading Technology tools, to ensure we have the latest in hi-tech Financial Planning software available. This enables CFL to provide our clients with an overall financial planning capability from the most basic plan through to complex strategies including Pre & Post Retirement advice, DIY Superannuation Investment strategies, Investment & Diversification planning Gearing plans, Centrelink & Social Security planning, Taxation calculations & Redundancy advice to cover your 'overall' financial situation.

    Our advice process

    Meet & Greet

    This is all about getting to know YOU! Finding out where you are now, what’s important to YOU, and where YOU want to be in the future, whether that’s a year from now or at Retirement.

    Fact Find
    & Strategy Meeting

    Here we will draw out YOUR road map to financial success, and really drill down into the areas of YOUR Financial Plan that are most important to YOU!


    Now that we know exactly what is important to YOU, we can present your Financial Plan. This is a fluid document which will grow with you over time as YOUR priorities and circumstances change.


    A good idea is only effective if it gets implemented! In this meeting we put our advice into action.

    Client Care

    Everyone’s circumstances change over time, it is important that we continue to meet on a regular basis to ensure that YOUR road map to success adapts to YOU and the changing world in which we live.

    Your team

    Steve King

    Owner / Financial Adviser

    I’ve been a Financial Planner here in Queensland since 1996 where I've worked closely with accountants to help successful and motivated business owners develop a successful 'game plan'.

    The majority of my working life has been in and around finance. During that time I've done everything from open the mail to developing complex investment, superannuation and retirement strategies.

    I have worked with more than 1,000 individuals, professionals and small business owners and I have an excellent understanding of what works and what does not work in small business…!

    What this means to you is that I’ve had exposure to lots of people with varied financial situations, in many different industries and backgrounds and have helped them to not only get their finances back on track, but to help them stay on track.

    I'd love to use this experience to help you get on the "fast-track" to a prosperous retirement.

    Out of the office, I am a bit of motorsports junky and am lucky enough to have a fully restored 1997 Ducati.

    Don't just take our word for it, click here to see what Steve's client have to say about him.


    Street smarts are important, but so is a solid education:

    • Certified Financial Planner™ (1999)
    • Diploma of Financial Planning - DipFP® (1998)
    • Associate Member of the SMSF Association (2012)
    • SMSF Accredited
    • Margin Lending Accredited

    Schedule A Call With Steve Now

    If you want more Choices, more Freedom and a better Lifestyle,
    send me an email at , call the office, or start a conversation on my LinkedIn Profile.

    Craig Buntain

    Owner / Financial Adviser

    I’ve been helping successful but time poor professionals and business people to set a 'game plan' and stick to it since 1999 – to great success!

    In that time I’ve filled every role within the investment, insurance and finance sections of 2 Chartered Accounting firms, working on smart and effective strategies for more than 500 clients. What this means to you is that I’ve had exposure to lots of people and ideas from many different industries and backgrounds and I have developed an exceptional ability to listen to people, understand their needs and deliver solutions and advice…!

    I know that my clients want to ensure they aren't working hard for nothing! I also know they would prefer to spend time with their family instead of sorting out their finances… Being married with 2 daughters, I fully understand the difficulty of balancing family and work demands of professionals & business owners.

    As a Professional Financial Planner, my role is to take away the confusion and complexity from your finances and replace them with confidence by designing a smarter plan of action to build and protect your wealth.

    Outside the office, I treasure spending time with my family and I enjoy surfing, martial arts, reading and BBQ's with friends.

    Don't just take our word for it, click here to see what Craig's client have to say about him.


    Street smarts are important, but so is a solid education:

    • Certified Financial Planner
    • Diploma in Financial Planning (Deakin University)
    • Bachelor of Business (University of Queensland)
    • SMSF Accredited (Cavendish)
    • Associate Member SMSF Association
    • Margin Lending Accredited (Kaplan)

    Schedule A Call With Craig Now

    If you want more Choices, more Freedom and a better Lifestyle,
    send me an email at , call the office, or start a conversation on my LinkedIn Profile.

  • Client Stories

    I have been a client of Steve’s for the best part of 15 years now, and over that time Steve has always conducted himself in a friendly and professional manner,  he has always been respectful and honest in our dealings. Steve takes the time to listen! I have always found his advice to be measured, thorough, and based on research. Importantly, he always makes himself personably available for meetings or just a friendly phone chat of reassurance, in many cases he will go over and above what would be expected of him. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as your financial advisor!  He would definitely be an asset to you.
    Peter – Retired Business Owner
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